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    Shipping is $200 - includes a medium-sized wooden crate that fits approximately 20 birds.
    Any additional create required will be $20 each.
    The most reliable method of shipping for any live animal, is through cargo on an airline.

    Birds shipped with Delta Airlines are covered under the following terms:

    1. The birds must be picked up within an hour of the plane arriving.

    2. Upon receiving the birds, you must check the box and immediately inform the airline of any birds that did not survive BEFORE leaving the desk. Once you leave, you have accepted responsibility for the birds as is.

    3. Once you have accepted the birds, you must immediately contact us to inform us of their condition.

    4. For any birds that did not survive, the airline will conduct an investigation. Once they conclude their investigation, any amount that they agree to return, will be applied to your next order with us.


    Medium sized box $80 – Fits approximately 10 birds.

    Please be advised; we offer no guarantee if shipping through USPS. Since there are simply too many variables that are out of our control, we cannot be held responsible for the birds’ condition upon arrival. For Live Arrival Guarantee please select that option during checkout.