Lee's Exotic Birds

Lee is unlike most breeders. Lee’s Exotic Birds is not a business, its simply his hobby! His passion for his birds can’t be compared to any pet store you will ever be in. From the age of 5, Lee worked side by side with his uncle in his very large aviary. Every day after school, Lee went over to his uncle’s home to help with the feeding and watering of the birds. After months of learning everything there was to learn, his uncle gifted him with a single pair of canaries. Through the care of the birds, his love for canaries grew. What started as a single pair of canaries over 20 years ago, has since grown into over 100 breeding pairs which produce well over 500 babies each breeding season. His passion for breeding translates into dozens of awards won for his birds. Just this past year, Lee was honored with not only one, but dozens of awards for his show quality canaries. His Scotch Fancy Canary received the award for Best in Show for Old Variety and Lee himself was awarded with the prestigious “Breeder of the Year” award. We are happy to present our license to potential buyers at the time of sale.